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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to LED Lights

by Gary Davey November 11, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to LED Lights

Would you like to know why you should upgrade to LED (light-emitting diode) lights? If yes, you are at the right place. Regardless of whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, motorcycle owner, snowmobiler, more quad, 4x4 owner or just an off-road enthusiast, you need Earthtrack Group LED Lights; specifically the LED work lights and LED Light bars to feel comfortable. But what is LED? It is a solid-state device that uses a semiconductor to produce light. The following are the reasons why you should upgrade:

Better visibility

Due to LED’s white and natural lighting possibilities, it offers superior clarity compared to all other lighting options. While the outdated lighting options offer a dim yellow light, the LED lights offer a clear and crisp white light that resembles the natural daylight. The benefits resulting from the healthier superior light can be seen on LED streetlights and headlights as they eliminate the glare of the oncoming traffic.


LED work lights and LED light bars are reliable as they require virtually no maintenance. One thing that clearly sets them apart is their ability to operate for more than 40,000 hours. That alone is highly beneficial to all consumers be it in commercial or residential areas. Industrial and business applications like properties and warehouses where the lights are continuously switched on for days, months and even years can experience the benefits of LED lighting reliability.

Energy savings

Apart from getting arguably the best light, you will be able to save your hard-earned money on energy costs. For security and safety reasons, many commercial/industrial and residential properties keep their lights on during the night, and that can make the energy bills unbearable when using fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Although the installation cost of LED lights is high, the long-term benefits can be the solution for all.

Directional light source

Both the LED Light bars and LED work lights emits light at 110-degree pattern while the current T8 fluorescent produces light at 360 degrees. In that case, just about 30% of T8 fluorescent lights hit the intended target. It is better to use LED lights to get a targeted light.

Cleaner energy

LED Light bars and LED work lights have neither glass content nor Mercury, which makes them much cleaner than other types of lights. Around 400lbs of Mercury (very toxic) waste from bulbs gets deposited per year in Washington State alone.

Gary Davey
Gary Davey


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