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Get Out of the Dark with LED Lights for Trucks

by Gary Davey January 25, 2017

Get Out of the Dark with LED Lights for Trucks

Nothing lights up the road or trail as well as Earthtrack LED light bars for trucks and other on- and off-road vehicles. LED light bars are among the best and most advanced produced anywhere and are designed to tackle the tough terrain of the North American off-road. Our lights first launched onto the scene where it was beaten and tested in the harsh climate of the Australian Outback. That makes them tough enough to handle North American roads and trails and possibly the best LED light bars for trucks you can buy.

The LED Advantage

Many traditional running lights rely in energy-sapping bulbs that often fail at the wrong time and provide relatively little light. Fortunately, LED light bars produce much brighter, whiter, light that illuminates the road or trail. Better still, they won’t sap critical electrical power while you are in the middle of nowhere, and are available in a multitude of wattage outputs and configurations. You get better, brighter light, and a much better view of the road or trail.

Top- and Bumper-Mount Light Bars

LED light bars for trucks are light, durable, and can be mounted to the top of your truck, on the hood, or on your bumper. Top-mounted lights work great for providing a widely ranging light beam, while your headlights, fog lights, and even a bumper-mounted light bar keep the road well-lit. Top-mounted lights work particularly well when traveling in locations where large wild animals are a particular threat of entering the roadway or trail at the wrong moment, and for identifying other potential hazards.

Straight or Curved LED Light Bars

You also can choose from traditional straight light bars of varying configurations, or opt for curved LED light bars for trucks, which offers a wider beam while traveling. Curved light bars mounted to the top or your truck or other vehicle will give you a very wide beam that will illuminate even the darkest of back roads and trails. Curved light bars work especially well in open terrain. Straight light bars are best for lighting up the road or trail directly ahead of you and putting light exactly where you want it and need it the most.

Affordable and Easy to Install

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install Genesis LED light bars for trucks, and they are among the most affordable and durable light bars available. For a relatively small investment and a short amount of time, your travels will become much brighter.

Gary Davey
Gary Davey


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